Your Homebuilding Experience

Steps to Your New Home in Washington County


The initial consultation is an opportunity for Tri-River and the Buyer to spend some time getting to know each other.  Understanding the size, shape, style, color, necessities, and wish list for the Buyer’s dream home is critical to determine if Tri-River’s product is a good fit for the Buyer.

During the meeting, Tri-River will review our standard inclusions, discuss available lot options, and show the Buyer our library of 20+ prototypes.  If none of our pre-designed prototypes meet the needs of the Buyer, then we will either find a floor plan online or start with a blank canvas and design a home that meets the Buyer’s needs, wishes, and budget.

Tri-River will also explain the entire Homebuilding Process (from start to finish) and answer any questions the Buyer has about Tri-River or the process itself.

At the conclusion of the Initial Consultation process, which may take more than one meeting, Tri-River will provide a package price (for the selected lot and house) for the Buyer’s consideration.

I can honestly say that Tri-River Construction is “one-stop shopping”! After building 3 homes, we went to this company for our next project. Doug, the President, made all of our decisions so easy as he has access to any and all building supplies. The meetings that were necessary were professional and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend this company!

Russell and Marilyn W.


If the Buyer chooses to move forward, then Tri-River and the Buyer will enter into a lot purchase agreement.  During this due diligence period, the Buyer will review the HOA governance documents and meet with prospective lenders to discuss financing the construction of their new home.  Within a month or so, the closing will take place for the lot and the construction contract will be executed.   At this point, the Buyer now owns the Lot!



After the lot closing, Tri-River and the Buyer will have 3 or 4 design meetings to select all interior and exterior finishes for the new home.  This is the FUN part of the experience, as the Buyer will be able to explore and choose from dozens of different styles, brands, and finishes for all aspects of the home.  Tri-River’s design process is set-up to accommodate EVERY type of Buyer, as we have already streamlined the design process IN ADVANCE.  If the Buyer only wants to focus their input on a few rooms or areas of the home . . . that is fine!   If the Buyer wants to select every detail in every room of the house . . . that is also fine!  Tri-River’s goal is to make the experience a pleasure for the Buyer, so we will make it as simple or detailed as the Buyer desires.

All design meetings are hosted at Tri-River’s office, where all of the material samples are located for the Buyer’s convenience.  It is not necessary for the Buyer to visit multiple locations to view materials and make decisions, unless the Buyer is seeking something unique for their home.


During the Pre-Construction phase, Tri-River will secure all permits and required engineering for the home.


Prior to the start of construction, if applicable, the Buyer will have a closing with their lender to secure their mortgage or loan.



Once the design process is over, the permits are obtained, and the lender is in place . . . it is time for GROUNDBREAKING!!   The actual construction timeline is typically 6 to 8 months, depending on the season and complexity of the home.  During construction, Tri-River will meet with the Buyer on site to review the progress at the conclusion of each of 7 milestones (foundation, framing, electrical/mechanical rough-in, drywall, brick/exterior, trims, and twice after substantial completion).


Once construction is 100% finished and the house is clean . . . Tri-River will meet the Buyer on site for an Initial Walk-through to evaluate the completed home and identify any touch-ups or items needing attention.  Then, once that list of items is completed, a follow-up meeting is scheduled for the Final Walkthrough and Acceptance of the home.  Upon acceptance of the home, final payment is made and the Buyer is welcome to move-in immediately afterward.


After the Buyer moves-in and gets settled, the Buyer is welcome to contact Tri-River if they need assistance or have any questions.  Tri-River’s dedicated warranty coordinator is available during each business day to help the Buyer solve any construction-related issues that may arise.  Tri-River stands behind its workmanship with a written warranty and will provide necessary paperwork to assist the Buyer with filing any manufacturer’s warranty claims.


From the time that Tri-River and the Buyer execute the Lot Purchase Agreement until Final Completion, the entire process takes 8-10 months (1 month for lot purchase, 1 month for Pre-Construction, and 6-8 months for construction), depending on whether the house is built during the summer or winter months.